Reign Corporation began as industrial Equipment and general order supplier and primarily focused on industrial Stud bolts and nuts, pipe fittings, and valves as well as steel structures

Later we have also introduced customize and on site fabrication of Metal Products in Pakistan; to the industries like Power and water projects, Oil and gas, Steel Mills, Pharmaceutical, Automobiles and Textiles

Our team understands the needs of the customers and aims to deliver products accordingly. Reign Corporation has an excellent history of supplying fasteners, pipe fittings, valves and steel structures on various power projects especially in Karachi, Pakistan


Reign Corporation keeps complete range of Industrial, Mechanical and Structural Fasteners. We have registered manufacturers/vendors of High quality fasteners (e.g. Bolts, Nuts, washers and Screws). We also provide corrosion resistance stud bolts, Hexagonal Bolts and Nuts; Coatings we offer hot dip galvanizing, electroplated/zinc plated, Black oxide and PTFE coatings. 
 ASTM A568, Grade 8.8 ASTM A193/B7 these are common grades available in Pakistan for Structural bolts and Anchor Bolts/Stud bolts are recommended for construction and foundation purposes.  We do have stainless steel fasteners and pip fittings available in SS 304 and 316 grades.

 Pipe Fittings 

Reign Corporation is one the reliable Supplier of pipe fittings in Pakistan. We are dedicated to supplying the finest quality of pipes, elbows, flanges and valves for both industries and engineering projects. We mainly supply ASTM A106 and AISI 304 and 316 grade Seamless pipes SCH 40 to 160. We are a supplier of Gate valves, Globe Valves, UL Listed Valves, high pressure pipe fittings and hydraulic fittings in Karachi
 For further information regarding pipe fitting in Karachi send us a message and we’ll get back to you. 

Steel Structure 

Steel Structures produced at Reign are purified metal sheets required to manufacture different metal parts and products. Our MS and SS sheets in Karachi are suitable for commercial, industrial and residential projects. Our H Beams in Karachi, along with I beams are produced at the mill where they are further molded into required shapes and sizes. Our stock of SS plates and SS sheets in Karachi are good enough to resist temperature volatility, precipitation hardening, and corrosion. 
The bar stock at Reign comes in various sizes; we supply round bars, plate bars, c- channels, hollow sections, flat bars, depending on how they are cut. Usually, they are prepared from stainless steel, carbon steel, and steel alloys. 
We are very selective at picking the right material for our clients and delivering it within time. At Reign, we specialize in hollow pipes and angle iron plates too. Reign is the leading supplier of angle iron and steel plates in Karachi and is known for excellent quality of its metal and steel products.